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  • Antico Doccia Bread & Butter Plate

Antico Doccia Bread & Butter Plate

The ‘Arcanum’ which, with the use of fire transforms kaolin, feldspar and quartzinto a white , hard and translucent material. Richard Ginori porcelain needs two firings to gain the right translucence and resistance at 1000°C and 1400°C.

First created in 1745. Antico Doccia, the quintessential of distinctive features, envelopes the founding values of manufacturing and projects them in the contemporary world. Classic and vocationally refined, this style has been used since the mid 1700s and distinguishes itself for the seductive curves of the profile that recollects the seductive late-baroque Florentine silverware. Refined but not ostentatious, Antico Doccia which expresses Richard Ginori’s savoir-faire and craftsmanship, is available in a complete assortment of tableware, tea and coffee settings.

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