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  • Antler Handle Steak Knives

Antler Handle Steak Knives

  • Hand-turned handles created from naturally shed elk antler and sparely ornamented with a rounded pewter end cap, highest quality serrated stainless steel bladed steak knives feature Rustic Antler handles, sensuously curved and expertly weighted for dining in comfort.
  • This exquisite 6 Piece set a must have addition to any flatware pattern, steak knives are an American cutlery invention.
  • They became popular after WW II, when table knives became rounded and crafted so as not to require frequent sharpening.
  • The Rustic Antler Handle Collection showcases Vagabond House's signature style of combining natural, renewable antler with fine metal in the creation of our superior flatware.
  • Dimensions: 9" L