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  • Breville 4 Qt Mixing Bwl for BEM800XL

Breville 4 Qt Mixing Bwl for BEM800XL

An extra bowl for mixing small quantities

Many recipes require wet and dry ingredients to be mixed in different bowls. This allows rising agents (like baking powder) to be dispersed evenly before adding wet ingredients and gluten forms in the batter.

So how do you mix them separately in your Breville mixer? The Second Bowl is a small (4qt) stainless steel mixing bowl that works perfectly with the attachments to your Breville mixer.

The dual side handles make it easy to handle -- and even easier to pour ingredients. The bowl was designed not only to save your cakes, but to save on space as well, as the bowl fits snugly into the large bowl.

The perfect companion.

For use with the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro BEM800XL mixer only.

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