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  • Gefu Gourmet Cutter

Gefu Gourmet Cutter

Thanks to the especially sharp knife, VIOLINO can be used for almost any type of food! Anti-slip feet. Stainless steel/synthetic material, dishwasher safe.

  • blades made of Japanese blade steel 
  • with integrated hand wheel for various heights of cutting materials blades can be easily replaced 
  • 3 different, interchangeable cutting inserts 
  • 1 remnant holder / finger guard 
  • 1 storing box for cutting inserts 
  • cut vegetables into 
      julienne strips - (4 and 5 mm) 
      cubes - (2 and 3 mm) 
      slices - (up to 5 mm) 
  • stainless steel / plastic 
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