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  • Ice Balls 4pk-Green/Black

Ice Balls 4pk-Green/Black

Chill, don't dilute. Our Cocktail Ice Balls keep drinks colder longer. They're perfect for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, gin or cocktails. The pack of 4 makes 2" ice balls and the pack of 2 makes 2.5" jumbo ice balls.

key features and benefits

BPA free

The 4 pack makes 2" ice balls and the 2 pack makes 2.5" ice balls

Fill with juice, lemon or lime segments, mint leaves, basil, berries and more

Won't spill during your trek from the sink to the freezer

Makes use of unused freezer space

Keeps drinks cool without diluting

Because they are sealed, ice won't smell like leftover food in your freezer

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