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About Lehmann Glass
Lehmann glass is a French-based company, established in 2011, manufactured in the Verrerie de la Marne, and introduced in the US through Kiyasa Group in 2013.

The label is a collaboration between Mr. Gerard Lehmann, CEO of Verrerie de la Marne, and Gerard Basset, the French born Master Sommelier who is the only person in the world to be awarded the Master Sommelier, Master of Wine and Wine MBA. The mission of the brand is to create innovative and unique wine glasses that enhance aromas of all wines and respect the tradition of wine tasting. Every product that is designed and will be developed in the future is driven by this philosophy. All products developed by Lehmann Glass are lead free crystal.

Within the 12 available collections, the label produces both mouth blown and machine made glasses. Known as "the wine lover's label," Lehmann Glass stands for the most innovative and elegant shapes in the industry, creating oenological tools that enhance aromas of all wines, a modern product range respecting the tradition.


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