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  • Onice Scented Candle

Onice Scented Candle

Indulgence and Sophistication - Together with the aromatic freshness of bergamot, finely balanced warm spicy notes of lavender, clary sage and Ceylon cardamom build to an elegant and expressively modern scent structure. The interaction of white-floral accords is accompanied with distinctively soft rosewood. A rich note of warm musk and powdery tonka emphasise the mystical sensuality.

LINARI-ONICE Scented Candle 190 g with wood wick
ONICE is characterised by its beauty, the tactile qualities of the velvet and its uniqueness in the home fragrance market with the finest black coloured velvet. Predominantly used as a home fabric, the velvet symbolises the marriage of home and fragrance in the most pure and sensuous way. The result is a perfectly designed object as well as an elite home fragrance. The exclusive, magic black wax and wooden lids stand in contrast with the velvety surface of the glass. A unique product innovation is used by combining innovative wood wicks with the calming sound of crackling fire and the new patented MaxEssence® scenting system. Free of chemical treatments only one type of organic wood is used, harvested from renewable forests and manufactured with an all natural process. Thereby leading to a larger and faster volume of hot fragrance throw, a faster pool formation, very little sooting, no afterglow and a soothing crackling sound. The patented MaxEssence® scenting system is a specially designed liquid fragrance of high performance. It achieves a high efficient cold fragrance throw as well as an surprisingly intensive hot throw. Estimated burning time up to 30 hours.

LINARI-ONICE Scented Candle 190 g with wood wick

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