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  • Owl Napkin Ring s/4

Owl Napkin Ring s/4

A wise choice for any occasion, this Pewter Owl Napkin Ring Set of 4 is created by the artisans at Vagabond House. Celebrated for their wisdom and nocturnal hunting skills, owls are beloved members of the bird kingdom. A realistic portrayal of the wide-eyed bird, this sculptural pewter napkin ring set was inspired by copper eyed, North American Barred Owls, also known as hoot owls. The Pewter Owl Napkin Ring Set was designed by artist Helen Richard.

From blue crab salt and pepper shakers that seem to have crawled straight off the dock, to ice buckets and champagne glasses decorated with lifelike pine cone and oak leaf patterns, the Vagabond House collection brings the exquisite outdoors to your dining decor. These wildlife-themed pieces serve as functional heirlooms that are sure to thrill guests with their unique blend of sophisticated style and wild inspiration.

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