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  • Square Loft Plate 10"

Square Loft Plate 10"

  • Thomas Rosenthal Group Dinnerware Loft 10" square oven to table plate is made of white glazed porcelain with a white on white concentric square pattern. Cook or heat and serve without changing plates. Marinate and store all in the same versatile bowl. Oven to table saves on extra dishes and cooked dishes come out of the oven right to the table looking great. Oven to Table is just another option in the expanding Loft dinnerware series that is a simple, practical modern dinnerware and a favorite for every day and large families. With many shapes and sizes, Loft is customizable to all traditions of serving in modern times. Create your own combination out of round, square and oval shapes for a fun and unique table setting. Loft also dresses up nicely for less casual dining.


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