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  • SS Pilsner

SS Pilsner

Chilled without ice, the RSVP Steel Pilsner Glass is designed to work with the flavors of a German style beer. The narrow shape of this 16 ounce steel glass channels the dry hop aromas to the nose while stabilizing the head of beer to get the best flavor profile available. Made of 18/8 steel, this long lasting durable glass keeps beers cold much longer unlike traditional glass or crystal beer mugs. A lustrous brushed steel exterior is modern and sleek, with a polished interior. The RSVP Endurance Steel Pilsner Glass comfortably fits traditional 16 ounce beers. Cleanup is easy with this dishwasher safe material. Kick back and enjoy a summer afternoon with your favorite beer, served in the RSVP Endurance Steel Pilsner Glass.


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