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  • TCG Stainless Grilling Basket

TCG Stainless Grilling Basket

Stainless Grilling Basket Entertain your guests and friends to a whole variety of grilled dishes with this grilling basket. Designed with a unique flexible wire mesh, it is ideal to keep your food safe and securely locked into the basket. It comes with a comfortable soft-grip handle that provides enough grip to hold and lift. The insulated handles are highly heat-resistant to safeguard your hands and fingers from burns. Moreover, the handle makes it convenient to take it out of the grill and serve. Made of stainless steel, the expandable woven mesh is highly durable and remains fresh even after years of use. With its wider mesh, it conveniently accommodates more volume of food. It is highly corrosion resistant and its dishwasher safe property makes it easy to clean and maintain. These tools are great for grilling an incredible variety of food like fish fillets, chicken halves, bread slices, sandwiches, vegetables, and seafood. Features: Unique flexible wire mesh Comfortable soft-grip handle Highly heat-resistant insulated handle Made of stainless steel Highly durable Corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe Item Specifications: Purpose: All-Purpose 4 Compartment Expandable 4 Fish Grilling Meatball Grilling 

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