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  • Three Piece Essentials Set 4" Red, Yellow, Green

Three Piece Essentials Set 4" Red, Yellow, Green

This handy set comes with three essential tools for every kitchen – a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a peeler.

Our Piranha Peeler will quickly become your favorite peeler in the house. The swivel-action peeler gives a great range of motion in either direction to peel paper-thin layers. The supersharp serrated blade won't slip on smooth skins, peeling even tomatoes, and peaches with ease.

Our Paring Knife Colori® and Serrated Paring Knife Colori® are so colorful and fun you'll want to use them all the time. The nonstick blades are made of Japanese stainless steel that will give you long lasting top performance. The Paring Knife Colori® is perfect for slicing cheese for a sandwich, peeling an apple for a snack, or chopping vegetables for a salad. The Serrated Paring Knife Colori® is an excellent knife for slicing smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables, bread, or meat. Matching safety sheaths are great for storage, picnics, and travel.

  • Nonstick Japanese stainless steel blade means a super sharp edge and long-lasting performance.
  • Nonstick coating ensures foods will release from the blade, making each cut easier and neater.
  • Safety sheath helps keep sharp and protects the user when the knife is stored.


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