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  • Unbleached Cheese Cloth

Unbleached Cheese Cloth

  • 100 % UNBLEACHED NATURAL COTTON - Made from Virgin Cotton and is therefore Unbleached and is Free of Chemicals. It is completely Biodegradable and

  • DURABLE and REUSABLE - This Strong 100% Natural Cotton Fabric Can Be Washed And Used Again and Again, Which Saves You Money, And Helps the Environment Too.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made With Sinkiang Virgin Cotton, which is the World's Premium, Highest Quality and Most Reliable Cotton Fiber.

  • MANY HOUSEHOLD USES-It is ideal for straining stocks as well as canning. Use it for basting or stuffing poultry. Its also useful when making soft cheeses that need a mesh wrap. Keep chicken or fish intact when poaching. Wrap a turkey or chicken when roasting. Squeeze the juice out of a lemon without letting the seeds fall into the juice. Or you can use it to wrap spices.

  • LINT FREE - This Means There Are No Tiny Bits Or Residues, So You Can Use With Complete Confidence

  • Color : White Cheesecloth

  • Size : One Size

Rox Run Natural Cheesecloth is made of 100% natural cotton. Bleach free. The Ultra fine grade is ideal for straining, steaming, basting, canning and hundreds of uses in the kitchen and around the home.

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