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  • 3pc Microfiber Cleaning Set

3pc Microfiber Cleaning Set

  • This set features three unique cloths designed for the various surfaces of your kitchen and around your home. The towel for stainless has a flat, woven surface that polishes stainless steel, appliances and barware. While the towel for glass has a textured surface that leaves your glass with no streaks and 100% sparkle. It's the perfect towel to use on all your glassware and windows. Lastly the heavy duty towel features a heavy microfiber nap that works hard on deep cleaning jobs like the stove, oven, or wherever there is a messy job to tackle. And because these towels are made of microfiber, they are reusable and absorb many times their own weight in liquid and dry 10 times faster than ordinary kitchen towels.


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