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  • Butterfly Chip & Dip

Butterfly Chip & Dip

This set establishes a strikingly contemporary tone whenever guests arrive for a convivial party. Measuring 16 inches in diameter and accompanied by a 5.5-inch-diameter metal bowl for dip, the acacia-wood chip tray features a swooping rim rising to 4.5 inches high whose inspiration for designer Sean O'Hara was a butterfly. Acacia, a dense, durable hardwood, glows with warmth and enthralls with finely patterned grain of varying shades. Made of Nambé Alloy,our signature tarnish-resistant metal, the dip bowl polishes to a silver-like luster as a contrast to the tray's warm tones. Naturally resinous, acacia will not absorb stains or odors.


  • 16-inch-diameter tray of dense, durable acacia wood
  • 5.5-inch diameter bowl of lustrous Nambé Alloy
  • Naturally resinous acacia will not absorb stains or odors
  • Tarnish-resistant bowl polishes to silver-like luster
  • Designed by Sean O'Hara
  • Introduced in Spring 2009
  • Featured in the 2013 Emmy Award Gift Bags


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