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  • Drinking Games Book

Drinking Games Book

  • We are told that drinking to excess is bad for us. If that’s the case then why is it so much fun? And the quickest way to achieve drunken nirvana... Drinking Games. The problem with playing drinking games is if it’s a successful event, you won’t remember the rules by the end of it. That’s where this helpful little guide comes in. Outlining the rules for 25 favorite games—with classic card games like Ring of Fire, skill-based ones including Beer Pong, through to timed challenges such as Edward Ciderhands and Power Hour—it’s the essential item to bring any party to life... apart from alcohol, of course!
  • Leave your inhibitions at the door with these 25 innovative ideas to get you and your buddies in a state.
  • Ensure your party is one to remember, although chances are if you lose, you probably won’t remember much of it!
  • A great gift for students, party animals, and night owls, and the companion to Hair of the Dog and Other Hangover Cures 


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