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  • KHUP Fruit Bowl Large Eggshell

KHUP Fruit Bowl Large Eggshell

This product is inlaid with real duck egg shell. A long and meticulous work, for a remarkable result that makes each piece unique. Its typically Asian form is inviting. The fruits are very happy, they will wipe gently if you forget them. Practical, with TIA L to mix the salad, you will create harmonies that delight you.

Our products may contain liquid or solid foods, hot (up to 70 ° C) or cold. The maintenance is done as the manufacture, by hand: hot water, washing up liquid, rinse and dry thoroughly after washing. No dishwasher or microwave.

Lacquers and varnishes are food and solvent-free and volatile organic compounds. Made entirely by hand in an equitable way, our products are unique and may have slight variations in color or shape.


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