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  • Pies, Glorious Pies Cookbook

Pies, Glorious Pies Cookbook

  • Take a pie masterclass with 'Pies Glorious Pies' and learn Tips and Techniques for preparing the most perfect of pies as well as failsafe recipes for classic pastry crusts.
  • Everyday Pies are simple yet tasty recipes for pies which will always be met with a smile at the dinner table - from a timeless Steak and Kidney Pie to a Sausage Lattice Slice.
  • When entertaining, there is no match for a Posh Pie.
  • Impressive dishes include a Beef and Smoked Oyster Pie and a Medieval Banquet Torta.
  • If you want a quick bite on the go, Portable Pies include Classic Cornish Pasties as well as gourmet options such as Five-spice Venison Puffs.
  • Finally, try a tempting Sweet Pie - from a rustic Spiced Apple Pie to an indulgent Mango Curd Pavlova Pie.


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