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  • Roman Antique Wine Coaster Gold

Roman Antique Wine Coaster Gold

8" x 2"

Handmade Glass

Sustainably Made in the U.S.A

Durable, Chip-Resistant

Dishwasher Safe

The Annieglass Roman Antique Wine Coaster/ Candle Holder is the best of both for evening entertaining. Turn happy hour into happiest hour and use this handmade glass Wine Coaster to hold wine and champagne bottles. You'll love how the 24k gold or genuine platinum rim makes every bottle look top shelf, and how wine drips cease to plague tables and bars. Need some ambience? Switch the bottle out for a candle and you've got the Annieglass Roman Antique Candle Holder. Candlelight dazzles when reflected off the precious metal hand-painted edges. Dishwasher safe, handmade in the USA and available for personalized engraving.


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