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  • Sora Block Set 6 pc

Sora Block Set 6 pc

6-pc. set includes 3.5-in. paring knife, 6-in. utility knife, 8-in. chef's knifeAll knives have hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive)Proprietary Composite Blade technology combines a VG10 san mai cutting core and Japanese 420J blade upperStain-resistant stainless steelTraditional Japanese handle design with easy-care textured TPE Also includes herb shears, honing steel, and 11-slot bamboo block. Start your kitchen career anew with the Shun Sora 6 pc. Basic Knife Block Set. Inside a gorgeous block of bamboo, you'll find everything you need to finish any prep work that your kitchen may demand. In addition to a set of herb shears and a sharpening steel, you get the benefit of the proprietary Shun Sora blade, in multiple sizes. This blade is crafted using a composite of stainless steel and VG10 san mai to create a precision-ground blade that's designed to hold a sharp edge longer than standard steel. Each blade also features an ergonomic, traditionally styled handle to give you the precise control you need to get the job done. This set includes:11-slot bamboo block3 1/2-in. paring knife6-in. utility knife8-in. chef's knifeHerb shears Honing steelAbout the Shun Sora collectionThe Kai Corporation's Shun Sora collection combines the timeless quality of traditional Japanese aesthetics with their patented composite blade technology to offer customers a line of razor-sharp knives at competitive price points. Each blade in the Shun Sora collection has a composite blade of VG10 san mai and a stainless steel upper that are laser-cut and braze-welded together to create the sharpest possible edge. Taking inspiration from classic Japanese sword smiths, the comfortable handle and wavy, hamon blade design echo the form and appearance of a samurai's sword.



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