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  • Whoopie Pies Cookbook

Whoopie Pies Cookbook

  • Move over cupcakes—whoopie pies have come to town! Not quite a cake, not quite a cookie, these delightfully squidgy treats are the new baking craze sweeping the world.
  • Deliciously simple recipes include Classic Chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff Pies, Pumpkin Pies, Red Velvet Pies, and Pecan Pies.
  • A chapter of less conventional but no less delicious Fruity Pies boasts a juicy Raspberry and Cream Pie, Key Lime Jello Pie, Lemon Sherbet Pie, and Banoffee Pie
  • Almond and Amaretto Pies, perfect for dessert with a cup of coffee.
  • Ideal for any celebration, Party Pies offers plenty of creative inspiration.


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